CMEs / Workshops / Seminars

Health care education is rapidly being evolved with the modern day trends of ever changing needs with pace discoveries and inventions thus making it a constant and continuous referring of books / articles / publications / journals and additionally also skill improvising / mastering. Hence to be in the befitting trend of Modern medical technologies or teaching methodologies, continuous multi-dimensional activity of Continuing Medical Education (CME) or Workshops or Seminars are always being conducted in the institute from several eminent and distinguished speakers and Corporate Companies for equipments awareness. Academia has always been the forefront and is given the highest priority to keep the learning passion alive in our young aspirants.

KIMS has pioneered and achieved its pride as the sole Medical Institute to conduct the highest number of Seminars and Workshops for the year 2016 & 2017 in the state of Andhra Pradesh with certified Credit Hours for every programme from Andhra Pradesh Medical Council (APMC).

KIMS also made its mark as the only comprehensive medical institute to initiate a complete student organised and conducted event named “SMARC” which is an annual event which gathers the undergraduate pursuing students for an academic and practical experience sessions conducted by distinguished specialists. The event comprises of several on hands workshops, case & paper & poster presentations, skill development interaction discussions and competitive events which is spanned across 2(or)3 days. An eminent and distinguished speaker of national / international repute with his lecture would inaugurate the event.