Modern medical and allied sciences are creating the empowered visionary approach for the in-depth and detailed understanding of every humanly known diseases with the advanced research. Be it a developmental or technological aspect concerned with Medical and Health Care research, the scale of advancement is exponentially proliferating with the latest advances of scientific explanations and know how. The untiring and inspiring encouragement has always been a Universal Source Provision for the students at KIMS to engage in the research & development activities in collaboration with several Government aided / Private aided Scientific Bodies and Industrial Sponsorships. Availability of the platform to explore and pursue research during your graduate or post graduate education is a out standing resource giving you steps ahead for better introspective education, we pride for creating that innovative opportunity for our students at KIMS.

Students of KIMS have continuously been part of the ICMR Summer Short Term Fellowships contributing the annual project submissions since 2016.

KIMS is proud to be the only indigenous Medical teaching instituteto step its foot in the "Hara Gobind Khorana Fellowships" among all the Awardees from INDIA to visit research labs like NIH in USA & EMBL in Europe.

Students of KIMS have been undefeated since 2017 inbagging the 1st PRIZE for Merit Fellowship awards from the SNEHA Diabetes Foundation.