Ancillary Services

Our much and highly expertised Ancillary services provide the much required support to all the front end primary activities of the administrative and operational activities of the Organization. From the first step entry in to the wide spacious high raised lounges of the Hospital to the cheering smile exit of the patient there are numerous number of back end departments which make the visitor/ patient feel comfortable and convenient.

Registration- Be it a casual check up or a preplanned check up you are greeted by our Out Patient registration Desk personnel who in-turn enters your basic information and directs you to the concerned Department Specialist for your further evaluation and procedures as per the requirement.

If you have already been diagnosed and have a scheduled procedure of observation you will be in the best care of our In Patient registration and will be escorted to your respective area / designated Ward and Bed allotted by our Registration Desk Personnel.

Medical Records Department- We behold and understand the importance of trak of History of Medical Conditions of yours, so this department keeps your information intact for the procedure completed in our Hospital upto a set of time period. So upon requirement you can retrieve your information on the files kept. It also assists directly and indirectly to the several Govt agencies and any Private Third Party insurance companies regarding the particular enquiries on any individual upon requirement. It also keeps into the purview of the legal aspects of several treatments performed.

Mechanized Laundry- one of the ever untiring area of Sanitation procedures, which keeps track of the reviving and refreshing the Bed Linen with utmost care and caution. It is under constant review and surveillance of Quality Standards and Protocols for the procedures being performed on collection of Used Linen, and Delivery of Sanitized New Linen. Given the vast departmental variations an intensive track and trace system is implemented for the smooth functioning of the basic requirement of one of the most important material in the Hospital Administration.

Workshop- It is the only always geared up 24/7 department where in the personnel as well as machinery under this department are functioning in the backend to support the smooth functioning of several vital and fundamental areas of the Hospital. Be it the most important Operation Theatre areas or the Manifold areas or the central Compressor areas all these never stopped by theconstant vigil which shows the precise performance and impressive efficiency of these concerned Mechanical / Civil / Electrical and Biomedical Departments.

Central Stores- An extensive and detailed planning with Supply Chain and Logistics department is the basic output which shows the effectiveness of this department for the ever subjective availability of the needed material for the smooth regular or daily Operational activity of the Hospital. The stores keeps track of multiple aspects and inventory to behold the needs of the functionality of several areas as well as departments or specialities. Be it a Surgical / Diagnostic Equipment or and miscellaneous inventory as attachment to the main functionary or a spare part for the major equipment. The Central stores holds the answer for this question.

Cafeteria- Everybody needs to get a small break and refresh if you are a visitor or accompanying anyone. A small pause and relaxation at the cafeteria to revitalise yourself is the much anticipated activity after the long tiring moments in the Hospital. So you could cheer-up as well as enlighten yourself at this unusually crowded place.