Becoming a doctor is a childhood dream for many. Perhaps, there is no other career which commands such a respect and awe as medicine. The power ...



Clinical Services

Clinical services are the result of a commitment to excellence by the hospital and its staff, which includes recognized and respected professionals, as well as talented students and trainees ...



Patient Services

Patient services are available to provide general educational information about Medtronic devices and answer questions about our devices and therapies. 


In the wake of proliferation of colleges offering Medical education, aspiring doctors are torpedoed by a whole slew of choices. Discretion is what matters, Judicious decision is what counts. Because, when it comes to the best, the choices are few and far between.

At KIMS, it has been our constant effort to mould competent medical professionals who can successfully cope with the challenges their professional life is likely to throw up. After all, we have put in place the best of the infrastructure that leaves nothing to be desired.

We have brought in the finest teaching talent who are committed to excellence… and on par short of excellence. And that is what made us the choicest destination for medical education. It is time, you made a choice… And, of course, the right choice.